It was discovered long ago, by nobody really, that with a full belly, a shekel or two in your pocket, a handsome mate and something to do; that most of us could stay out of trouble and maybe even be happy.  And convinced by that notion, we here put our attention to the ‘full belly’ part of the simple life formula, and, in particular, the liquid portion - and a spiked one at that.

Moon Hill Brewing Co. is named after a neighborhood in Lexington, MA known as Moon Hill.  It was a neighborhood conceived by idealistic professionals seeking a more deliberate and practical suburban lifestyle.  Out of this ‘hood was born an architect’s daughter, Katrina, who married this guy named Rick, a would-be brewer. 15 years later Moon Hill Brewing Co. (MHB) was begun in Gardner, MA.  The year was 2006.  Rick had already pursued his other interests: biomedical electronics, high school physics teacher and software engineer.  That took up nearly 30 years, which brings us here.

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